Local Search Optimization & Marketing
Not happy with the way you show up in search?
Optimize your search results with SEO & SEM.
No nonsense marketing solutions tailored for your company.

Local Search Optimization & Marketing
Not happy with search results?
Optimize with SEO & SEM.
No nonsense marketing solutions tailored for your company.

Your cusomters are searching on the web every day.

Showing up in search results is one of the most important marketing strategies your company can use. Search optimization & search marketing are the tools to make this happen.

We take a comprehensive approach to accomplish our mission of boosting your small business's exposure & branding on the web to drive sales and keep costs within your budget.

Gain control of your assets

Do you own
  • Your online accounts?
  • Your data?
  • Your multimedia?
  • Your website?
  • Many times the answer is no. To the best of our ability, makes sure your small business has control over your assets. We provide the utmost transparency, so you can have the utmost confidence in your decision-making.

    What we provide


    Rest assured, you can contact us whenever you need to. We take your questions & requests seriously and provide answers intended to solve your real world needs, not canned sales responses.

    We monitor your positioning and implement changes as needed. Detailed traffic analysis. Detailed keyword analysis.

    SEO keywords, images, video, audio, and social posting. Paid ads when needed. API integration when needed. Decades of experience allows us to understand & work within the parameters of search algorithms to help optimize your web presence using a variety of technologies.

    Google My Business
    We will build new or refine your Google My Business account. This is a must-have for businesses on the web. We make sure it's done right. We will also integrate with other google products to get the most out of your account.

    Social Media
    Social media postings are a great way to drive search traffic. We make sure you have relevant posts. We can respond to posts as well if needed.

    We investigate back link quality & quantity and will add relevant linking as needed. Social platforms, industry listings, and directory listings.
    Paid Advertising
    As we've said, we take a comprehensive approach to showing up in search. Although our efforts center around cost-effective organic search, the nature of the beast dictates that sometimes you may need some paid advertising. As always, our aim is to keep organic click through rates higher than paid click through (PPC). If our traffic analysis reveals paid advertising can be of benefit to your company, we will optimize & manage that effort.

    Ready to get started?

    We are ready to save your SEO!
    $1000 USD

    Google Data Analysis*
    Google My Business Listing
    Custom Business Description
    Baseline Listings Audit
    NAP Cleaning
    Optimized Website Copy
    Ongoing Account Management
    eMail & Phone Support

    $2500 USD

    Standard Plan Plus
    Competitor Search Analysis
    Multimedia Marketing Material
    Facebook Business Page
    Instagram Page
    Facebook Ads up to $50
    Google Ads up to $100


    *Requires access to Google Analytics data. If you do not have access to Google data then please consider our new website product + SEO which ensures you have access to your company data.


    How long does it take to see results?
    We usually see results within 2-3 months. However, this is not 100% guaranteed. Obviously, every business has a different set of circumstances. For example, some businesses have an exceptionally saturated competitive landscape. There are many many more variables as well. Don't worry, we analyze the playing field and can provide a comprehensive strategy to accommodate these circumstances. We do more than just put you into a directory and roll the dice. We actively go after positioning in your market, working within the parameters of search algorithms to help get the best outcome.

    How does Google decide placement of my site in search?
    That is the billion-dollar question. In July 2021 Google rolled out a new core update of their algorithm which changed results for both good and bad. There are always pros and cons to their latest changes, but over the course of 20 years we have noticed that a user-friendly site with strategic keyword placement and traffic tends to stay listed at the top of results. We have observed methodology in their "secret sauce" that seems to correlate to business needs while trying to maintain a relatively fair result set. We can't give too much away but, rest assured, we have an understanding of both their needs and your business needs and work within those parameters to produce the best results we can offer.

    How do I know if I own my accounts?
    This is huge. Many times customers come to us not owning anything but a domain name. If you have a Google account, see if you have signed up for Google Analytics & Google Ads. If the answer is no, we can set that up for you so that you actually own the accounts and data. There is no obligation for you to own these but, we feel this should be your asset and not something a shady company can hold over your head, so you don't cancel a monthly subscription. What happens if the company goes out of business or quality and responsiveness fades? You are stuck with no assets that you paid good money for and have to start from scratch.

    What do I need to do?
    We really don't need much from you. We like to have an initial meeting to find out a little more about your business and do account setup. Once that is done and everything is set up, you are good to go. You are free to run your business, and we will take over as the online marketing & analysis effort.

    Am I locked into a long term contract?
    Nope. The initial effort is a one time payment. After that, you are on a monthly service subscription. You can cancel at anytime. For compliance, we ask that you give written notice or email notice 15 days prior to cancellation. We keep it simple.

    Don't let another customer get away!

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